It is no secret that camera sales have been in decline for quite a few years now, mostly due to the rise of the smartphone eliminating the need for a dedicated camera for most consumers and casual photographers. 2019 was no exception, as the drop in sales continued; however, there was a small bit of good news buried within the numbers.

The Camera and Imaging Products Association (CIPA) recently released its report for December 2019, which analyzes the entire year for the industry. As you might expect, sales declined again, as advanced digital cameras continue to be relegated to a more niche position for professionals and passionate hobbyists. This was reflected by a 22 percent overall decrease in year-over-year shipments for interchangeable lens cameras. DSLRs were particularly hard hit, with unit shipments decreasing by 32 percent with a corresponding 41 percent loss in shipped value. On the other hand, mirrorless unit sales experienced a more moderate drop of 4 percent in units shipped, with a 4 percent increase in value, supporting the suspected shift toward professional-level equipment. While we can reasonably expect the overall market to decrease, hopefully, the more advanced market will continue to grow in value and manufacturers can continue to devote research and development toward better technology. 

You can read the full report here.

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