Food photography, like every other genre, has certain pitfalls that can adversely affect your ability to make a good income from it. This excellent video tutorial features an experienced food photographer discussing three common pricing mistakes and how to fix or avoid them. 

Coming to you from Joanie Simon of The Bite Shot, this great video tutorial discusses three common mistakes food photographers make when pricing their services and how to improve so you can maximize your income. One mistake I see photographers of all genres make is assuming that all clients are price-conscious and thus competing too much on price. Not only can this result in you accepting less money than you are worth, it can actually drive away certain clients, as paradoxical as that might seem. People (often unconsciously) associate price with quality, and as such, you can actually make them assume you are not as good as you are if you’re not careful and cause them to pass you over for another photographer. Check out the video above for the full rundown from Simon.

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