For as long as I’ve owned Photoshop, I’ve steadfastly held the belief that post-production skills separate most photographers. Here, we see seven pro landscape photographers given a single raw image to work with, and the final results are not only quite amazing, but incredibly different.

When I bought my first camera more than three decades ago, I instantly became fascinated by its mechanics and capabilities. As we’ve moved from film to digital and from DSLRs to mirrorless, my curiosity about the features of the cameras in my hands has only grown larger. To that end, I think if you have a genuine love affair with cameras and photography, it doesn’t take too long to understand the vital features of your camera or the basic rules of photography. What does separate people, however, is their ability in post-production. It was evident when Ansel Adams worked his wizardry in the darkroom, and it’s still evident today in the digital world. 

There’s no better example of that than when you give a bunch of skilled photographers a single raw file to work with and ask them to come up with their own interpretation for the final image. That’s exactly what Christian Mohrle did when he allowed seven well-known landscape photographers to work on a raw file he provided. It’s fascinating to see how these pro landscape photographers tackle the image: some stay true to the original file, while others go into the realms of fantasy. Personally, I liked Antonio Valente’s edit the most. How about you?

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