It’s a well known fact that there are “Too Many Games”(TM) these days. I have not done the maths, but I’ve seen enough graphs, tweets and analysis from people who have crunched the numbers to know there are more games coming out on Steam every day than a site like RPS could ever possibly hope to cover a single month, let alone every week. But gosh darn it if we don’t try our hardest all the same.

Inevitably, though, time does get the better of us sometimes (or, in my case at least, maybe my eyes are just too big for my gaming stomach), and certain games end up slipping further and further down our to-do lists until they eventually fall away entirely. Not through any fault of their own, mind. Just… time. But as a final parting shoutout for 2022, I wanted to memorialise all the games that fell of my personal to-do list this year and say, “I’M SORRY, I DIDN’T MEAN IT, I PROMISE!” (For real, though, I still want to talk about all of these at some point. Maybe January…? Please don’t hate me)

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