DZOFILM just announced the new wide-angle Catta Ace 18-35mm T2.9 cine Lens, perfect for wide shots and great for creating a close-to-subject perspective in the image. 

Introducing the Catta Ace 18-35mm T2.9_The Third Lens of Catta Set.

Expand your view

Providing wider FOV and deeper DOF, Catta Ace 18-35mm boasts an incredible 18-35mm focal range and lets users enjoy a wider field of view that can be great for landscapes and cityscapes or shooting in small interiors.  Announcing DZOFILM’s Wide-angle Catta Ace 18-35mm T2.9 Cine Lens 3

An advance minimum focusing distance

With only 0.51m (1ft 8″) minimum focusing distance, 18-35mm zoom lens is ideal for capturing subtle emotions. While the amazing optical design also guarantees high imaging background details, making the single frame completely under your control.DZOFILM 18-35_PL3

Marvelous optical design with superior performance

Each lens comprises 4pcs ED (Extra-low Dispersion) lens elements and 1pcs aspherical element, maintaining the outstanding image performance as the Catta Ace series while significantly minimizing curvature of field and reducing chromatic aberration at the wide-angle end to optimal colour correction and providing impressive sharpness. 20-blade iris creates nice bokeh for any of the lights in the background.DZOFILM 18-35_PL3

Well-breathing control and outstanding parfocal design

Breathing control stays the same pace as the other two Catta Ace lenses. Negligible change of focal length while racking focus. Whether you zoom in or zoom out, the center image stays sharp.DZOFILM 18-35_PL3

New addition makes Catta Ace even stronger.

DZOFILM is committed to giving creators yet another effective tool to help them realize their vision. Driven by the needs of our customers, Catta Ace 18-35mm maintains the consistent mechanical performance and image style of Catta Ace 35-80mm and 70-135mm. And it is compatible with the Full Frame image format and features an interchangeable PL, EF, and LPL mount.DZOFILM 18-35_PL3

Pricing & Availability

The price of Catta Ace 18-35mm is $3,899, available to preorder now and ship by the end of January. DZOFILM decides to lower the price of Catta Ace 35-80mm and 70-135mm to $3,299 each after changing the package of single lens to color boxes. The price of a 3-lens-kit with a hard case is $9,599. DZOFILM 18-35_PL3


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