ARRI Tally Gen.2 & ARRI Camera Control Panel CCP Live for TRINITY and ARTEMIS Introduced

After last year’s extensive reinvention of ARRI’s stabilizers, Trinity and Artemis, comes further development for the two models, making them both even more equipped for the broadcast world – ARRI Tally Gen.2 & ARRI Camera Control Panel CCP Live. The updates were announced at the recent NAB show. Let’s take a look at the details.

The objective of the two new products, Tally Gen.2 system and Camera Control Panel CCP Live, is to enhance the use of stabilizers for live broadcasters with the company’s own Multicam system and third-party systems.

Both ARTEMIS 2 and TRINITY 2 are well-known stabilizers within the movie and high-end TV world. With these latest updates, ARRI is now catering to broadcasters seeking creative camera movements and cinematic aesthetics for programming such as live sports, talk shows, game shows, and events. These features are compatible with both studio environments and outdoor broadcasts, where camera operations are controlled by OB trucks.

The ARRI Tally Gen.2 system is a solution that is looking to modernize tally workflows. The ARRI Camera Control Panel CCP Live provides an additional monitor output and tally interface for operators. These products are fully compatible with previous and current generations of ARTEMIS and TRINITY.

ARRI’s new Tally System Gen.2. Image credit: ARRI

ARRI Tally Gen.2 system

Tally systems are essential for support gear like ARTEMIS and TRINITY in multi-camera live settings. Their purpose is to provide camera operators and on-screen presenters or performers with real-time information about which camera is currently broadcasting live. This is typically accomplished by a small red LED light that illuminates when the camera signal is live. 

ARRI’s Tally Gen.2 system comprises a host module, usually placed below the lens and visible to performers, and a client module, mounted atop the camera operator’s monitor. The red light of the host module is triggered by a tally signal, which activates the client module’s red light instantaneously.

The new system uses three trigger technologies. The first involves a photocell that detects the onboard tally LED on the camera. The second involves a special cable plugged directly into the camera for direct communication with the tally module. The third option involves triggering from the new ARRI CCP Live when using ALEXA Mini, AMIRA, or AMIRA Live cameras as part of the ARRI Multicam System.

ARRI’s new Camera Control Panel CCP Live. Image credit: ARRI


The new Camera Control Panel CCP Live by ARRI is tailored for live, multi-camera productions and is an upgrade from their previous CCP. The CCP Live comes with two panels that connect to the viewfinder port of an ALEXA Mini, AMIRA, or AMIRA Live, and function as a control device when a viewfinder is not being used. While the front of the CCP Live appears similar to its predecessor, the differences are found on the back; it features an extra SDI video output and a tally interface.

When filming in UHD at 50/60 fps with ALEXA Mini, AMIRA, or AMIRA Live, the importance of an additional SDI output becomes clear. Both cameras’ SDI outputs are required for a video feed to the OB truck or control room, leaving no option for an operator’s monitor. To address this issue, the CCP Live offers a third SDI output that can be used for an operator’s rig monitor or a wireless focus puller’s monitor.

Will you be upgrading your TRINITY or ARTEMIS with the new products? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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