Thanks for the article @JoeWhip! I’m with you 100%


We have tons of lossy content on Apple Music, and more appears every day. It seems like Deutche Grammophon uploads at least an album or two per day! They must be sitting on thousands of lossless TrueHD Atmos masters, making them no money and pleasing no music lovers. 


I have to tip my cap to labels like 2L, TRPTK, Spirit of Turtle, etc… for offering us lossless immersive downloads. Just like when high resolution stereo came out, these guys led the way. Heck, I spent $200 on eight Atmos albums from TRPTK last night alone.  They’re so good, I can’t stop!


What pains me is seeing all the new vinyl releases, created from digital files, but no blu-ray release. The lossless TrueHD Atmos exists, yet isn’t released yet. I don’t care if it’s a download, Blu-ray, or even a USB stick in a cool package like the vinyl, it would be all good with me. 

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