17 minutes ago, The Computer Audiophile said:

@jrobbins50 you need to tell Garry to add 5.1.2 :~)

Oh my goodness, this would be a substantial time savings.  Yes, as you know, I do Dolby Atmos in 5.1.2 (which thus allows use of Roon for playback) and that isn’t on Garry’s list in the MMH update.  How do I contact him, Chris?


Also, I have MMH on my PC and the DRP on my Mac.  I don’t recall, but will the DRP run on PC, as I assume the Mac alone doesn’t have the horsepower for the decoding?  JCR


Update:  Nevermind the question on DRP for PC.  I note that I already have it installed on my CAPS20 server (I just haven’t used it there), so all I need is MMH on the server, and Garry to update for 5.1.2.  🙂

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