Great article, Chris, as usual.  We’ve been pleasantly surprised by the openness of the labels to let their native discrete DXD masters of this stuff out to the public (well, 10+ channel dac public, that is  🙂  ).  I’ve asked some more traditional 2 and 8 channel dac manufacturers to take a close look at possibly providing, for the market, a 10+ channel configuration that would work, whether it’s similar to the stacking I worked with Mytek on back 10 years ago (the Asio driver and usb hub being the traffic cops on that one), or a way to combine units with word clocks, etc.  Anyway, it should be fun to see what comes up to add to the pool of dacs that can do DXD 7.1.4 (i.e 12 channels of 24/352.8k…..or more  🙂  ).  Stay tuned. 

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