Fun and functional mounts and stands for your Amazon Echo Dot 4th Gen — and the upcoming 5th Gen.

The Amazon Echo Dot (4th Gen) is a favorite for those who love hands-free smart devices. While we know there are so many other Amazon Alexa-compatible devices with the Echo Dot, there is also a great variety of stands and mounts for this favorite home device, something you’ll need as it is very easy for these little speakers to get obscured or hidden behind decor or clutter on your desk or table. These stands — ranging from sleek to creative — help elevate your Echo Dot and the speaker’s whole experience by making them easier to see, hear, and interact with.

While this collection is focused on the Echo Dot (4th Gen), the Amazon Echo Dot (5th Gen) appears to be the exact same dimensions and thus should fit all of these mounts, as well.

  • OtterBox Star Wars Stand for Echo Dot 4

    OtterBox Star Wars Stand for Echo Dot 4

    Best overall

    $19 $25 Save

    Easy to assemble, this Baby Grogu Mandalorian stand is a unique way to display your Amazon Echo Dot. While designed to fit your Echo Dot, it stays securely in place with a non-slip base. There’s also a slot at the back to plug in your Echo Dot and hide the cable behind. Of course, this Otterbox stand is a quality statement piece for any Star Wars fan.

  • Mission Battery Base for Echo Dot 4

    Mission Battery Base for Echo Dot 4

    Premium pick

    $15 $30 Save

    The Mission Battery Base allows you to turn your Amazon Echo Dot into a portable device. Moreover, it’s designed to keep the Echo Dot securely in place while not interfering with sound quality. The base has an integrated battery that lasts up to 5 hours, and a low battery indicator will let you know when it’s time for a charge.

  • Echogear Wall Mount for Echo Dot 4

    Echogear Wall Mount for Echo Dot 4

    Best value

    $5 $17 Save

    The Echogear wall mount is perfect for mounting the Amazon Echo Dot up and out of the way. It is easy to install with 3M strips, or screws and anchors, and can be rotated 360° for easy access to the command buttons. This wall mount serves as the best Amazon Echo Dot mount on a budget.

  • HomeMount Table Stand

    HomeMount Table Stand

    Best for organizing cords

    This HomeMount tabletop stand is a simple yet functional holder that keeps the Amazon Echo Dot in place and on display. It has a rubber pad on the bottom along with a removable adhesive that can be reused multiple times. The stand is designed to keep cords organized and the Amazon Echo Dot securely in place.

  • Counlisha Wooden Table Stand

    Counlisha Wooden Table Stand

    The Counlisha wooden table stand for the Amazon Echo Dot is crafted with 100% real wood and finished with natural oils. It has non-slip pads and a metal frame and foam insert to keep the Echo Dot secure and sounding great. In addition, the stability of the legs makes it difficult to knock over, making it perfect for even the clumsiest of people.

  • Splin Echofairy

    Splin Echofairy

    The Splin Echofairy is a radiant and colorful stand for the Amazon Echo Dot. It holds and displays the device but also stands out as a statement piece in the home. The bright and beautiful blue colors are enough to dazzle any bedroom, and the elevated stand improves the acoustics of the device. Whether for a kid’s room or a living room, this piece is sure to stand out.

  • Ailitop Table Stand for Echo Dot 4

    Ailitop Table Stand for Echo Dot 4

    $18 $30 Save

    The Ailitop table stand has a magnetic attachment to hold the Amazon Echo Dot and a non-slip rubber bottom. It can be placed on a table or counter and used with the 360° swivel feature to change the direction of the device for optimal sound. It can also be tilted forward or backward to give the perfect placement.

  • Zanedy Wall Mount

    Zanedy Wall Mount

    $13 $17 Save

    The Zanedy wall mount is a simple and functional accessory that allows you to mount your Amazon Echo Dot on the wall and out of the way. It is made with transparent material, looks good wherever you place it, and has a protection ring to keep it in place and sturdy. This wall mount is the perfect minimalist addition for a simple and functional accessory.

Mount your Amazon Echo Dot your way

When it comes to your Amazon Echo Dot (4th Gen), there is always a variety of different mounts and stands to choose from, and one thing they all have in common is functionality. Each accessory presents its own key features. For example, the Otterbox Star Wars stand is a cute and creative stand that not only displays your Amazon Echo Dot in a fun way, but it’s also a display piece of its own. For collectors and fans, this is a great way to integrate your smart devices with your hobbies. But while the Otterbox Star Wars stand is great, it’s not exactly portable.

The Mission Battery Base gives you up to five hours of charge for your Amazon Echo Dot, so you can take it anywhere you want to go. You’ll even get a low battery warning when it’s time to recharge. Now if you’re not looking to have your Echo Dot out on the table or to be portable, you may want to go with the Echogear wall mount. With it, you can mount your Echo Dot on the wall, cupboard, or even the ceiling, keeping it out of the way but still there when needed. With all these options and more, you can mount your Amazon Echo Dot your way.

The Echo Dot is one of the best smart speakers on the market today, but there’s still a limit to how much sound it can produce on its own. So whether you want to add extra speakers to the mix to complete your whole-home audio setup or some great smart lights to get a more futuristic feeling, the Echo Dot is just the beginning of your smart home experience.

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