Are you struggling for Christmas gift ideas for friends or family members who love photography? Here’s a list of great items that all come in under $100.

It’s been a rather difficult few years, to say the least, so it’s always nice when the holiday season comes around and we get to spend time with those people in our lives who are nearest and dearest to us. In a perfect world, just being in the company of loved ones while sharing laughter and a few dozen rum eggnogs would suffice. But the world is not perfect, and Christmas is synonymous with giving and receiving gifts. Thus, what kind of presents can you get for photography enthusiasts at this time of year that won’t send you broke?

That brings us to this great video by the folk at pal2tech, in which they run through a bunch of great gifts that all come in at less than $100. If I had to get a gift that was south of a Benjamin Franklin, I think I’d opt for a filter of some kind. In this video, the gift ideas include things such as: gaffer’s tape, a portable photo studio, and a desktop mini tripod. That’s just three of a much more extensive list. So, if you’re doing some last-minute shopping and in need of some ideas, give this video a look and let me know if you’ve got some other great ideas.

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