Folding phones are becoming more mainstream. A big reason for that surge in popularity is the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4, which kept the strengths of its predecessor and ironed out the kinks by improving the battery life and upgrading the cameras.

Having an old-school flip phone/Star Trek communicator in your pocket that functions as a fully-fledged smartphone gives a hit of nostalgia-fueled dopamine — but this form factor is functional, too. There aren’t many smartphones that can fit in any jean pocket.


The Z Flip 4 combines water resistance with armor aluminum and Gorilla Glass Victus to make a sturdy little phone, but that doesn’t mean it’s indestructible. Glass is still glass, so you’ll want to protect your $1,000 investment from any harm that may come its way. The best way to do that is with a strong case and one of the best Z Flip 4 screen protectors.

The Z Flip 4 is all about style, as evidenced by the stunning Bora Purple hero color. That means the best cases will need to be just as stylish as the phone while protecting it. We’ve gathered the best of the best to help you pick the perfect case.

Choose your best Galaxy Z Flip 4 case wisely — swapping them is expensive

Foldable phone cases are inherently expensive due to form factor complications. Each case has to be made in two parts and be able to fit the phone securely without coming off, all while staying out of the way of the hinge. I love having multiple cases for different occasions, but these complications make swapping cases unfeasible.

Many foldable cases use small adhesive strips to stick themselves to the phone, but removing them can result in those strips coming off or losing their stickiness. To their credit, Spigen includes several replacements with their cases, and they sell extras for a reasonable price on Amazon, but that still requires more work than changing cases on non-foldable phones. With this in mind, pick your phone case wisely so you’ll be comfortable keeping it on long-term.

Spigen’s cases have had a lot of work put into them for the Z Flip 4, using customer feedback to improve the range. The retooled Tough Armor has better grip and comfort compared to the previous model, and the adhesive pads are less likely to come apart versus the cases for the Flip 3. The UAG Civilian and Otterbox Symmetry are more expensive but offer slightly better protection than Spigen’s case. However, the Spigden case is often even cheaper than its MSRP thanks to regular coupon deals through Amazon. The main downside of the Tough Armor is that it only comes in Black.


If you want something more colorful, I wholeheartedly recommend the Caseology Nano Pop. My wife has helped me test all of these Z Flip 4 cases, and this is the one she returns to, despite being more expensive than the Tough Armor. The dual-tone purple complements the Bora Purple Z Flip 4 beautifully, and the build quality is superb. It’s comfortable and reassuring to hold and provides plenty of protection.

First-party accessories are a must for some, and thankfully Samsung’s cases are great, even if a little pricey. The Leather Flap Cover offers robust hinge protection, so it does a decent job keeping the Flip safe despite being so thin. Samsung’s faux leather is always excellent, so this case feels more premium than any other. Samsung’s other offering is the Silicone Cover With Ring (catchy name). It has a similar thickness to the Leather Flap Cover, swapping the materials and changing the hinge cover for a metal ring. Looping a finger through the ring feels comfortable and makes drops less likely. Being first-party accessories, both of these cases come in colors that complement the available finishes for the Z Flip 4.

All the cases in this list claim to use fast charging with Samsung-compatible wireless chargers — though, keep in mind wireless charging speeds and consistency vary from phone to phone and from case to case. Also, the distance between the charger’s coils and the phone’s coils will impact speed and efficiency, so some cases might get in the way, even if they don’t prevent fast wireless charging from working entirely.


Q: What’s the deal with the adhesives and what do I need to look out for?

Last year, the “windows” on the frame of the Flip 3 that allowed for better UWB connectivity were placed right near the hinge, which was also where most case manufacturers put the adhesive strips that kept said cases in place. In some instances, if the adhesive was too strong — or if the phone had already been slightly damaged from a drop — the cases would sometimes rip the UWB panels off the frame of the Flip 3, ruining the phone and sending you running for a repair center.

Samsung changed the frame’s design to prevent these catastrophic confluences from recurring in the Flip 4, but that wasn’t the only adhesive fail accessory manufacturers had to learn from last year. Some cases didn’t have enough adhesive — or strong enough adhesive — which led to cases just sliding off the phone when you pulled on it. It didn’t help that most case makers put this adhesive along the sides of the phone rather than across the front panel or back panel, leading to more chances of the adhesive coming unstuck due to the smaller surface area.

This year, many manufacturers have retooled their case designs and the adhesives they use to keep your case safely secured to your Flip 4. When looking at cases, always double-check the renders to see where the adhesive strips are placed and if it comes with spares. After all, you might not be taking your case off that often, but you’ll still have to do it whenever you need access to the SIM tray should you change carriers — or change between phones — on a semi-regular basis.

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