After discussions with Tony Warriner, Co-founder of Revolution Software, we were both yearning for a podcast where we could just… well chat. Have a discussion, a conversation regarding gaming, technology and whatever else pops into our head without the gloss of lavish introductions and lots of editing.

So, as a result here is our pilot episode of Bits and Bobs in the Raw.

Bits and Bobs Podcast – Episode #1

Topics for our first podcast include:

  • Neither of us are into football, yet know some football… some
  • When hard drive sizes were so incredibly small and expensive
  • ScummVM and their fantastic work and the relationship with Revolution Software obtaining game source code
  • ScummVM Music Enhancement Project
  • The Gene Machine and trying to obtain permission to release the full soundtrack
  • The perils of point and click adventure games moving to 3D
  • … and more!

We would love to hear your questions for our next show, so please leave them in the comments below for consideration.

All comments in the podcast are of course our own and are not the opinions of any other individual or organisation.

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