If you’re tempted to hop on a dragon in World Of Warcraft‘s latest expansion but don’t want to pay £40/$50 for it, you can currently try out Dragonflight with a regular WoW subscription. That means the skies can be yours for just £10/$15, if you pay for a month. The trial’s only available until Jan 2nd, though, so best hop on it quick.

There are a few other restrictions: you have to play one of the new Dracthyr characters, and you can’t level above 63 or play beyond the “A Charge of Care” quest. That also means you’ll only be allowed to swoop around the Waking Shores zone, which is the first area in the expansion.

The swooping does look nice. It’s less flying and more gliding, like Batman does in the Arkham games, diving to build momentum then spreading your wings and surging forward. Unlockable abilities from the Dragonriding Talent Tree build on that, letting you glide for longer and faster while charging up a shockwave attack when you land.

Ed and Liam didn’t find themselves enamoured with WoW when they took on a self-imposed challenge to reach the pre-Dragonflight level cap within a month, but they didn’t have dragons to ride, did they.

If you do want to try the trial, you can buy yer WoW subscription from Blizzard’s website.

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