Thursday, June 1, 2023

ReDiscoveries #5: Alice Cooper’s Billion Dollar Babies

1972 is widely praised as the most fertile year ever for rock albums, notching such classics as The Rolling Stones' Exile on Main Street,...

World’s First Lossless High Resolution Immersive Streaming Service – Immersive Audiophile

    Audio: Listen to this article.       In the early days of computer audio and local high resolution files, all streaming platforms offered lossy MP3 quality music....

AI rewriting Sympathy for the Devil

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A reminder when enountering a problem while streaming… – General Forum

The problem may be your network and not the software you're using to stream. I come with this example. I have been streaming music...

Wolfson 8741 mystery dac

Anyone know what dac (d/a processor) this YT vlogger may be referring to? His comments are disabled and the video title is not helpful....

Munich High End #40 Breaks Multiple Records

What a show. During its four days in the MOC event center, the first two reserved for industry and press, Munich High End attracted...

The Icing on the Munich Cake: McGrath, Fon, Nagra, Wilson, Impex

It had been far too long since I'd experienced a Peter McGrath demo, let alone one in which the master recording engineer and Wilson...

Pretty neat – first record not made from vinyl released

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Dan D’Agostino’s Dazzling Unveil of the New Relentless Epic and Epic...

In the extremely large, all-sonic-bets-are-off, glass-enclosed Atrium display mounted by Mansour Mamaghani's Audio Reference Munich, Dan D'Agostino, and his indispensable sidekick (aka company President)...

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