Hello. I am trying to dedicate one of my house rooms for media room for myself and my family.

In the end, I will want to have 2 systems:

– one Atmos soundbar system (already have it = Samsung Q990N) for the TV/Movies

– one stereo system (I am considering Focal Chora or B&W 603 and an amplifier) in a 2.1 configuration for music

I don’t have enough money or space to create a complete traditional surround system, so my goal is to reach my target in time.


To issue itself:

– the only suitable room for my scope has one big window (almost an entire wall) and the curtain covers the entire wall. Is a transparent curtain, not a blind one.

– from the listening position, that curtain/wall would fill my entire left side

– the room is 4(L)x4(l)x3(H)m

– what I am already experiencing with the atmos soundbar system is that the reflections/bounces coming from my left side is weaker that the right side. So, my initial solution was just to move myself to the left, in order to get closer to the left wall


The question:

– is it only my placebo or does indeed the curtain have big impact ?

– secondary: will it affect the future stereo system quality ?


As removing the curtain is out of the question (if still want to remain married), I would like to know some oppinions.


Thanks !

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