Complete with removable bunny heads and a couple of golden ingot banks

I’ve been a big fan of Dead Zebra’s Android figurines for some time now, seeing that they are the perfect intersection of my interests in vinyl figures and Android OS. Over the years, I’ve collected more than a few, from a German drinking beer to a reporter snapping pics with a tiny camera, and I love them all. But Dead Zebra has piqued my interest today with its latest offering, a special edition 4-piece Android mini collectible set themed around the Year of the Rabbit. While the first round sold out incredibly quickly thanks to high demand, pre-orders are open, and the set should ship sometime in March.


This isn’t the first time Dead Zebra has offered a themed set, but the new collection sure is a stunner, and for me, it’s all thanks to the jade-like figurine. More or less, you get four figures with the Year of the Rabbit set, two primary figures, one that’s a white bunny with a slick coat, and the other that looks as if it’s made out of polished jade. The default head is a rabbit for both of these figures, but you also get optional traditional Android heads to go with them that sit atop two golden ingot banks, totaling four figures in full with heads you can swap back and forth.

Of course, since this is a four-figurine set, it’s pricier than the solo collectibles. So the Year of the Rabbit Android collectible set is $48, nothing to sneeze at. Then again, is there too high of a price to pay for a slick-looking jade-like Android figurine? For me, that’s a no; I’ve already placed my pre-order and can’t wait for it to ship in March.

I admit it, yes, I’m a bit of a fan of Dead Zebra, but clearly, I’m not alone since the first batch of Dead Zebra’s Year of the Rabbit Android collectible set sold out so quickly. Thankfully more are coming this March, and you can pre-order right now for $48. So if you’re as keen to pick up a jade-like Android figure like me or are simply looking for Year of the Rabbit toys and collectibles, Dead Zebra’s latest set is easily a standout.

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