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Canadian Bull Moose Sheds Both Antlers…CAUGHT ON CAMERA!! (RARE FOOTAGE)

It’s not every day that you get to watch such a majestic beast in the wild as a bull moose. And it certainly isn’t usual to watch that moose shed its antlers. And then, to cap it all, to actually capture the whole thing on video!

That’s exactly how lucky Canadian photographer Derek Burgoyne was when he was out flying his drone in central New Brunswick. With one flick of his head, the moose shakes free of its heavy antlers, leaving them in the fresh snow.

Burgoyne uses a drone for his job as a woods operations supervisor and was using the drone to survey a ridge of hardwood trees when he came across three moose bedding in a clearing.

There is apparently a lot of moose in the area, and according to Burgoyne’s YouTube channel, he is quite used to encountering them.

“What they’ll often do after being bedded in the snow is they’ll shake their body to rid themselves of the snow and water,” Burgoyne tells CBC News. “As he shook himself, I was recording, and you seen [sic] what happened.”

Bull moose will shed their antlers every winter and then grow new ones in the springtime. It is a popular hobby for people to search and collect shed antlers, however, there is some etiquette involved to ensure that no animals are harmed in the process.


Burgoyne takes a photo or video of the antlers where he finds them as a sort of proof that they were found, and that he did not harm the animal. Each province has different rules on collecting shed antlers, so it’s wise to read up before taking any home. If you’re inside a National Park, it’s not allowed in most cases and can attract hefty fines if caught. While some people may sell them on to antique or interior stores and collectors, Burgoyne prefers to keep them at his house as a collection.

“Never in my wildest dreams would ever imagine catching this on film,” said Burgoyne, “this is winning the lottery when it comes to wildlife photography for sure.”

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