Kakao Games brings the new gorgeous 3D idle gacha Eversoul to a global audience, the same company responsible for bringing notable titles Guardian Tales (one of the best Android gachas) and World Flipper. Eversoul promises a tale full of heroics, collection frenzy, and team customization on your favorite Android gaming phone. But every savior needs some guidance, so we’ve compiled a beginner’s guide outlining fundamentals like re-rolling before diving right into the heart of Eversoul.


Battling in Eversoul

The gist of how the battle system works in Eversoul is that it’s considered an auto-battler/idle game, very similar to Princess Connect! Re: Dive (Priconne). Before a battle, you place the position of your Souls (units) in the back or front, then select a formation.


As you battle, you can activate skills and ultimates once the conditions are met; time your attacks correctly, and you can prevent threatening enemies from unleashing devastating blows.

Exploration and stages

Some maps allow you to move your character and initiate battle engagements by contact. You can also explore the map and interact with materials to progress toward the objective. You can also play through stages (a series of battles) to earn rewards. So you have a few choices to pick from depending on your interests.


How to unlock more characters in Eversoul

A massive part of Eversoul is collecting Souls, the characters you deploy in battle. All Souls have their weapons, classes, and skills. You’ll also want to pay attention to the rarity value, as the higher rarity the Soul has, the better they scale in levels and stats.


How the summoning system in Eversoul works

You can obtain more units (or Souls) by participating in the gacha system via Summon while in the main hub. Normal Summons require Everstones or Normal Summon Tickets. It is guaranteed to obtain an Epic Soul every 30 summons, but the counter resets if you get one before 30.


Pick-Up Summon is where you have a higher rate to get a featured Soul; you need Everstones or Pick-Up Summon Tickets to roll on those banners. Mileage accumulates as you summon on these banners, helping you earn a guaranteed reward. Just note that Mileage reset once the banner ends.


Type Summon is where a group of Soul type rotates and uses up Type Summon Tickets. Friendship Summon is where any Soul is obtainable, but it requires Hearts. Then the last type of banner is Artifact Summon, where you’ll get gear; Everstones or Artifact Summon Tickets are what you’ll need.

Re-rolling your first set of free summons in Eversoul

One of the best features for a new player is the ability to infinitely re-roll for your first set of free summons. Unfortunately, many other games will limit how many re-rolls you can acquire, or it involves erasing your data and starting over for 10-20 minutes, depending on the game. But Eversoul lets you re-roll until you’ve confirmed your result.


Which starting Epic Soul should you pick

  • Catherine (Support)
  • Adrianne (Defender)
  • Ayame (Caster, DPS)

It’s not an exclusive list; a few other S-tier have been left out for simplicity. For example, owning a solid team utility unit edges out over damage-dealing units since that role gets shared and consolidated by other classes and can be powered up by good artifacts. Higher DPS units scale better with end-game content. But really, you’ll have a few cracks at the gacha the more you play, so don’t stress about which unit you acquire.

Strengthening Souls in Eversoul

Early game, two necessary upgrades you should always prioritize to keep your starting Soul line strong. The first is leveling up your Souls; levels always scale up the primary attributes and determine how much HP you have to tank/survive in battle, how much damage your skills/ultimates do, and the overall battle performance for each unit.

To level your Souls, tap on Soul while in the main hub and select any Soul from your list. Now tap Level Up. This process will consume Mana Dust and Gold, a much more accessible resource to acquire than Everstones.

The second essential upgrade is managing the duplicates you acquire from the gacha system. First, tap on The Ark and then select Ascend Soul. Next, choose a Soul (ones that have copies) and tap on the duplicate “Consumed Soul,” and select Ascend Soul. By ascending your units, you raise the rarity and level cap, making them much more potent than they originally were.

Eversoul lets you collect units to your heart’s content

You’ll either love or hate Eversoul due to the subgenre to which it belongs, but the animations have high production value and make it a good side game to load up on your phone. So if you want a relaxed premium collector’s game full of eye candy that takes little effort and energy, we invite you to try out Eversoul.

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