FUJIFILM XApp for GFX and X Series Cameras Introduced

FUJIFILM Announced the release of their new XApp for the GFX cameras and the X series. The App has been designed to provide better connectivity between the camera and your smartphone or tablet device, and it comes with a lot of new features. By the time you read this article, you might be able to download it for free from the Apple iOS store and Google Play store for Android devices. Let’s find out about the new features of the XApp.

FUJIFILM already has a camera remote app on the market, but some were complaining about limited functionality including connectivity issues between their FUJIFILM cameras and smart devices.

XApp for GFX System and X Series

The new XApp is addressing exactly those issues. FUJIFILM is advertising the new XApp with seamless, quicker connectivity.

The second new feature of the XApp is that you can transfer images while the camera is still recording or even when it is completely powered off. The App also comes with a new high-contrast design in black and white for better visibility. When you connect your camera via Bluetooth, you have a live view function and can control start/stop recording next to your camera settings, like aperture, ISO, and shutter speed.

XApp – Source: FUJIFILM

Backup and restore function

The XApp has a new backup-and-restore function. You can save setups of the shooting menu inside the App and restore them back to any GFX System or X Series camera. Note that this does not work for network settings or custom white balance settings. Your individual camera settings can also be shared between multiple cameras of the same model via the XApp for any multi-camera shootings.

XApp – Source: FUJIFILM

Date, time, geolocation information and more

The date, time, and geolocation information of your FUJIFILM camera is automatically syncing with your camera when connected to the XApp. That means you can keep accurate time for the in-camera clock, and you can also record the geolocation data. The recorded geolocation data is displayed directly on the XApp’s timeline map, which is a very useful feature to keep track of your recordings.

A new function also displays image and clip information, such as the number of images or clips created, and the camera, lens, and film simulation mode. The XApp’s timeline allows users to transfer activity records to a smartphone to view important content information.

XApp – Source: FUJIFILM

Please note: A firmware update is needed in order for the XApp to work with the cameras in the list below. For a full camera/iOS and Android compatibility list, please click here.

Compatible X-Series cameras

  • X-H2S
  • X-H2
  • X-Pro3
  • X-T5
  • X-T4
  • X-T3
  • X-T30 II
  • X-T30
  • X-S10
  • X-E4
  • X100V

Compatible GFX-Series cameras

  • GFX50R
  • GFX50S II
  • GFX100S
  • GFX100

Price and availability

The XApp from FUJIFILM is free and you might be able to download it already in some regions from the Apple iOS store and Google Play for Android devices. Just be aware to always use the camera’s latest firmware. For further information about the XApp please visit FUJIFILM’s website here.

What do you think about the new XApp from FUJIFILM? Did you ever have a problem with the existing camera remote app? Please leave us your thoughts in the comment section below.

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