Godox has now released the new Godox Knowled MG1200Bi LED light, first teased at IBC 2022. In Amsterdam, we got to see a prototype with a brief introduction where we learned that it has a white balance range of 2800-6500K but offers the full 1200W of power throughout its range. There was a lot of information we didn’t know then, which has now been released.

It sits at the top of the Godox LED lighting range and comes with a price tag to match. But it comes with top-end features, too, like an IP54 weather-sealed rating, remote control capabilities via wired and wireless DMX or the Godox app, four dimming curves, robust build quality, worldwide 100-240v compatibility and a bunch of effects modes for simulating different kinds of light.

KNOWLED MG1200Bi Bi-color LED Light | Operation Tutorial

One of the big claims with the new Knowled MG1200Bi is that it draws a continuous 1200W at maximum power throughout its white balance range. Maintaining consistency while adjusting the colour temperature is very important. It means, in theory, that you don’t have to keep adjusting your power levels and re-metering the scene every time you notice that the colour’s a little off and you need to shift it.

Godox is very specific in their wording of this feature, though, with the website stating that “the MG1200Bi adopts Godox innovative COB technology to ensure a full 1200W power draw in any color temperature between 2800k to 6500K”. Whether or not that means it truly offers the same light output across the colour temperature range remains to be seen, but the fact that the draw is consistent would suggest that it probably is.


There are no controls on the light itself. Everything is shifted over to an external ballast. But as well as on the ballast itself, the light can be remotely controlled via a number of other means. You’ve got the usual wired DMX, as well as wireless control over Bluetooth with the Godox smartphone app and LumenRadio CRMX. You get full dimming control from 0-100% in 0.1% increments for super fine control, as well as 11 different lighting effects modes and 20 presets. The effects modes allow you to simulate flash, lightning, cloudy, broken bulb, TV, candle, fire, fireworks, explosion, welding, and SOS effects.

One new feature of the MG1200Bi, and taking a break from just about every other Godox LED light is that it doesn’t use a Bowens mount for its modifiers. Instead, it uses a new Godox G mount for modifiers. The new Godox mount allows the lights to communicate with the modifiers so that it knows what you have connected to it. Godox says this provides a “safer and energy-saving shooting process”, but exactly what this means seems a bit of a mystery.

It’s a monster of a light and Godox’s most powerful LED to date. It will be interesting to see how adoption is in the higher-end market Godox is targeting with this product and whether it can compete with the likes of Aputure, Nanlite and others who’ve been dominating this space for a while.

Godox teases with prototype of new 1200 watt LED bi-colour light

The Godox MG1200Bi is available to pre-order now for $3,499 and comes with the light body itself, ballast controller, a 45-degree reflector, and all of the associated cables and covers in a protective roller case. Units begin shipping at the end of February 2023.

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