Godox doesn’t appear to have made an official announcement yet, but the Godox XPro II trigger, first released in June 2022 for Leica now appears to be popping up for Nikon, Canon and Sony. There are no listings on Amazon that I can find, except for the original Leica version, nor are they even mentioned on the Godox website, but listings have popped up on retailers offering not pre-orders but showing it as available to buy now.

The listings popped up on the website of Canadian retailer, Strobepro. There are listings available for the XPro II-N for Nikon, XPro II-C for Canon, and XPro II-S for Sony cameras. Each carries a price tag of CAD$122.95. Oddly, that’s even cheaper than the $129 XPro II-L for Leica that’s been out for seven months.

Godox XPro II (2023) Radio Controller Complete Walkthrough

The listings don’t appear to be a mistake or somebody jumping the gun as Strobepro put together an hour-long video going over the features and capabilities of the XPro II trigger, the differences between the XPro II and the original XPro trigger, with parts of the video even having it mounted to a Nikon DSLR.

The Godox XPro II comes with some significant advantages over its predecessor, including built-in Bluetooth for smartphone control and the ability to run it in single-pin universal flash mode for cameras that don’t have specific compatibility. The XPro II also sees the addition of the quick-release foot first added to the Godox V1 speedlight back in 2019. This will be a welcome feature for users who regularly swap their trigger between multiple bodies during a shoot.


There are some other physical design changes in the general form and button layout, although the screen size has remained the same. Other than this, though, it seems largely the same as the original XPro. Whether or not you should really upgrade depends on whether you need any of the specific new features. If you’re a new Godox user, though, it makes sense to go for the newer one – when they’re more readily available.

As to when we’ll see these brands brands (as well as Olympus/Panasonic and Fuji) added to the Godox website or popping up at other retailers is unknown. Maybe they’ll actually be live by the time you’re reading this. But for now, if you’re in Canada, Strobepro has them in Nikon, Canon and Sony flavours for CAD$122.95 each.

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