How soon changelogs will return to the Play Store on the web is still up in the air

The Google Play Store is a window to a vast world of millions of apps for your favorite Android phone. But you will often find Google introducing more bugs to the Play Store than it fixes — it was missing app update notifications some time ago, and it’s disappearing app changelogs now. But it appears that Google didn’t intend to remove app changelogs from the Play Store for the web, and a fix could be just around the corner.


Last week we learned that the Play Store on the web isn’t showing app changelogs anymore. It wasn’t an isolated issue, as a lot of users reported the same glitch, which we could also corroborate on our end. This happened even though the Play Store’s mobile app had no problems showing app changelogs.

Android Police founder Artem Russakovskii reached out to the Play Store’s support team to complain about the issue. They not only acknowledged the disappearing changelog problem but also confirmed that it was indeed a bug and not something Google intended to do like the previous time it removed the “last updated” section from its app store.

Google is working on a fix to restore app changelogs on the web, but how long it’s going to take is still up in the air. But considering the company is already aware of the issue, we hope that it will proactively fix the changelog issue in no time for the users who rely on the Play Store’s web interface to keep track of app updates and changes.

In other news, Google added a handier way for your kids to send purchase requests even if you don’t have a payment method shared with your family group. When you receive a request from your child, you can simply authorize the purchase using the card linked to your own account, without giving access your children access to your card.

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