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Google debuted its new Material You design language with Android 12 in 2021. Before the final release of the OS, the company updated a bunch of its apps with Material You, including Google Photos, Assistant, Drive, Keep, and even the Play Store. Not every app was on top of the company’s priority list for the Material You makeover though, with Google News only taking baby steps toward the transition in May 2022. Find My Device is another Google app that never got its Material You makeover. That’s changing now, as the app has received a major UI overhaul.


The first time upon opening the Find My Device after updating to v2.5.001, a list of all the compatible devices linked to your account is displayed. This makes it much easier to select the phone, smartwatch, or earphones you want to track, especially if multiple devices are linked to your account.

1st & 2nd: Old Find My app. 3rd & 4th: Redesigned app.

Compared with the previous build of the app, you will notice green is no longer the predominant color. If multiple Google accounts are logged in to your phone, you must first select the appropriate account from the new account picker. Select the device you want to track, and the map will show its location. Like before, a dialog box at the bottom will display the phone’s battery percentage, network status, and the options to play a sound, secure the device, or erase it.

There’s also dark theme support to match the system theme. The new UI looks and feels a lot more modern and is in line with the Material You guidelines, though the icon still does not support theming. The revamp may be a part of Google’s rolls out of the Find My network for Android devices.

For now, the Material You makeover is only available for the Find My Device Android app. The website still looks the same, though it should also receive its much-needed redesign soon. You can grab the latest Find My Device release from the Play Store, though it is not yet widely available. If you cannot wait, sideload the APK from APKMirror.

Thanks: Hamzah Malik!

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