I’m quite happy with my stereo system but for various reasons I haven’t been able to use it much for the last couple of years. We’ve all done a lot more online meetings since 2020, so I’ve been wearing different headsets and IEDs and trying to listen to music through them, especially since a lightning strike killed the amplifier in my HTPC system and I moved the DAC to my work computer. I wear glasses and all of the headphones I had were incredibly uncomfortable. Thanks to threads on this site I found the Sennheiser HD800S. I’m very pleased with how comfortable they are, and I really like the open backed effect that means you’re not completely cut off from local sounds (like people trying to get your attention). But what’s really blowing my mind is how much I enjoy them when listening to heavy symphonic stuff. I bought some Mahler and Bruckner downloads over the weekend and liked them so much through the headphones I went down to the Martin Logan hybrids to listen. Still very nice, but not the same level of involvement. I had a different reaction when listening to some subdued jazz the other day. Nice through the headphones, but wow, great through the speakers.

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