Just arrived: the new Holo Audio Bliss headphone amplifier, in KTE version, bought from their distributor for Europe, Magna Hifi.




Not only from its outer appearance and aesthetics, but also from its concept and general approach it nicely complements the Holo May: here an implementation as pure R2R/ladder DAC, there a 12W full pure Class A amplifier, both no compromise in taking these chosen design approaches to the maximum, backed by impressive objective measurements ( @Miska published measurements here and ln the Roon forum, Goldensound did a first set here: https://forum.headphones.com/t/holo-audio-official-thread/10325/492 )


This may or may not replace the Ferrum Oor + Hypsos which I have used with my Audeze LCD-5 since last year, let‘s see. I also have a Topping A90 driving the DCA Stealth, plus a Sennheiser HD 800 S for which I still need to create a customer filter.

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