Let’s be perfectly honest — it’s not all that hard to watch the Super Bowl. It’s not tucked away in some unheard-of streaming service. It’s not the seventh alternate channel of where you’d normally find the game.

No, Super Bowl LVII — scheduled for February 12, 2023, in Glendale, Arizona — will be available on Fox. It’s that simple, and you’re welcome.

Where you might need a little help is with the edge cases. If you’re one of the forward-looking folks who have gotten rid of traditional methods of watching TV. Or maybe you want to watch Super Bowl LVII in the best quality possible.

Super Bowl 2023 on the NFL app on an iPhone.

Who’s playing in Super Bowl LVII?

We’ve finally made it through all 18 weeks of the 2022 NFL season. But we don’t yet know who will be playing in Super Bowl LVII because we have a few rounds of the playoffs to get through first.

Oddsmakers are still keen on the Kansas City Chiefs going all the way. The Buffalo Bills and Philadelphia Eagles are right up there, too. All three won their divisions, so those picks aren’t exactly out of left field, if you’ll excuse us for mixing sports metaphors.

How to stream Super Bowl LVII if you don’t have cable

The good news about watching the Super Bowl is that it’s available pretty much everywhere. Legally. That’s true for streaming, just as it is for more terrestrial methods of watching the game.

Your local Fox affiliate should be available on every live-streaming service in the U.S. And that means you’re effectively watching Super Bowl 2023 for free. (OK, yes, you’re paying for it as part of your monthly subscription. But the point is you’re not paying any extra for the Super Bowl. Therefore it’s free!) That includes YouTube TV, which is the most popular streaming service with more than 5 million subscribers.

It’s also true for Sling TV, which remains the most affordable option at $35 a month for either its Sling Orange or Sling Blue track, or $55 . (You get different channels with each option.)

And you’ll get your local Fox affiliate with FuboTV — and that’s an intriguing option because you should be able to watch the Super Bowl in 4K resolution without paying anything extra. That’s because FuboTV is the only service that includes 4K content as part of your monthly fee, so it won’t cost more. start at $75 a month.

Super Bowl LVII in 4K

If you have the option to watch the Super Bowl in 4K, take it. Full stop. Never mind that it might not be “true” 4K. Even if you’re talking about 1080p upscaled to 4K by the time it hits your TV, it’s better. And Fox is no stranger to 4K sports, having done not just the Super Bowl in previous years, but more recently the FIFA World Cup.

In other words, Fox knows how to do the Super Bowl in 4K. One caveat here — you’ll need hardware that supports 4K. That starts with your TV, of course, but also anything attached to it that you use to watch shows.

And when it comes to watching the Super Bowl in 4K, you’ve got a few options.

Watch Super Bowl LVII in 4K on YouTube TV

YouTube TV is a great watch to watch the Super Bowl in 4K. Yes, the 4K Plus package adds another $20 a month to your subscription fee. But along with it, you’ll content from ESPN, Discovery, FX, Nat Geo, NBC Sports, Tastemade, and MLB Network. Some of that will be live — say, Premier League on the weekend.

You’ll also gain the ability to watch as much YouTube TV on as many devices as you want on your home network. And you’ll be able to watch some recordings offline on your mobile devices.

If all that sounds great but you just can’t stomach the extra $20 a month, consider this: The 4K Plus package comes with a free trial. So you can sign up just ahead of the Super Bowl to take things for a test drive.

Watch Super Bowl LVII in 4K on FuboTV

As we mentioned previously, you should be able to watch the Super Bowl in 4K on Fubo TV without spending an extra penny. That’s because FuboTV includes any available 4K content with your monthly fee. All you’ll have to do is tune in to the proper channel.

Fox sports app icon.

Watch Super Bowl LVII in 4K on the Fox Sports app

An option you might not have considered — but one you definitely should — is the Fox Sports app. It’s available on pretty much any connected device you’ve got, be it a television, phone, tablet, or computer.

And here’s the thing: You should be able to stream any available sports in 4K via the app if you already have an existing cable, satellite, or streaming subscription. And that’s without having an extra 4K subscription of any kind. The only hurdle here is that you have to install the Fox Sports app and then log in via that existing account. So, say, if you use YouTube TV, you’ll log in using that account. And from there you’ll be able to watch the Super Bowl — or whatever else you want — in 4K.

Watch Super Bowl 2023 with a VPN

If you’re in the U.S., it’s basically a cinch to watch the Super Bowl. But if you’re outside the country — long-term or just temporarily — you might need a little help getting back to your viewing method of choice. For that, we have VPNs.

A virtual private network essentially is a tunnel that, well, tunnels all of your internet traffic through a specific set of servers in a specific country (that’s the important part!) before arriving at the end destination. In addition to adding a layer of security so that no unencrypted traffic is visible to outsiders, a VPN also makes it appear as if your computer or phone or whatever is back in your home country.

The one trick here is that you need to be able to trust your VPN provider because every last bit and byte is going to be going through it. And for that, we’ve long been fans of . It’s easy enough to use, has access to all the servers in all the countries you could possibly use, and the price is right.

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