HP Spectre x360 13.5 front angled view showing display and keyboard deck.
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If you need a small and portable device for school or work, the HP Spectre x360 is a great option, with quite a few customizations you can make before purchasing it off HP’s website. Even better, HP has discounted it to $950 from $1,250, so you can grab it as is or use the $300 discount on a couple of useful upgrades.

Why you should buy the HP Spectre x360

The HP Spectre x360 16 sits on a desk with it's keyboard folded under, allowing it to stand.
Mark Coppock/Digital Trends

The base specs of the HP Spectre x360 are surprisingly good, with a mid-range Intel Core i5-1235U and 8GBs of RAM, that’s more than enough to provide a smooth experience in day-to-day use. That said, with how RAM-intensive things have gotten over the past few years, we’d probably grab the 16GB RAM upgrade for an extra $60, as it will give you a bit more wiggle room. Of course, you can also upgrade the CPU to an Intel Core i7-1255U for $210, which is a high-end CPU, although not necessarily worth it if you’re not a power user and if you have no issues running apps on your current device, the i5 is more than enough. Sadly, you don’t get a discrete graphics card, but you get  Intel Xe graphics which will let you get away with some casual gaming.

The big standout feature of the HP Spectre X360 is the 13.5-inch WUXGA+ screen that’s multi-touch enabled and, luckily, comes with a pen that you can use, which is especially useful when you have it in tablet mode. It also has a few upgrades, such as a 1000nit version for an extra $40, that might be useful if you’re planning to use it a lot in daylight. There’s also a 3K2K OLED upgrade for $110, which is expensive and only really worth it if you care about image quality for watching movies and shows, but you can certainly do without it. Finally, you get 512GB of storage which you can upgrade to 2TB for $240, although it might be worth checking these external hard drive deals for something cheaper.

All in all, the HP Spectre X360 is an excellent work or school laptop, even with the base specs, and with the $300 discount from HP bringing it down to $950, it has excellent value. Of course, if this isn’t exactly what you’re looking for, there are many great laptop deals you can check out for alternatives.

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