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So. Here it is! After installing everything looked fine (Pic1). I played a flac file from my libary. It ran (Pic2). Then i wanted to play another song from Quobuz and there was no Music. I checked the CPU system report (Pic3). As you can see the CPU is running wild. I have to shut it down otherwise my sonictransporter is running crazy. I need really help for this. I’m devastated.IMG_0786.thumb.PNG.27c2740f4cf4f408605b4a206912e600.PNG


Now here you have a different filter. You have poly-sinc-long-lp and you are asking to do conversion from 44.1k to 768k. With this particular filter the initialization may take several hours with this conversion ratio. During this time all CPU cores are at 100% load which is totally normal. So you would be up to a lengthy coffee break while waiting sonicTransporter to finish it’s work.


Solution is to either use a different filter, or check the “Auto rate family” setting in HQPlayer. That will cut the initialization time to fraction of what the above would take.


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