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It’s been a while since Instagram switched its focus from creativity to business, ads, and shopping. However, the platform is now getting rid of the Shop tab on your homepage to “simplify Instagram” and focus more on creativity, connecting people, and discovering the content they’ll like.

Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri announced the changes in a short video on Instagram. From now on, the Create button will be back where it was, in the center of the bottom navigation bar. The Reels tab will be moved to the side, and the Shop tab will be removed completely. But of course, it’s just the tab – you’ll still be able to shop on Instagram. Mosseri adds that the shopping will still be available on your feed, Reels, Stories, and ads.

The new feature launches in February, and according to Mosseri, the change took place for three reasons: to “inspire creativity, make it easier to discover new things, and spark connections between them.” One could argue that there’s something more behind it masked into caring for users, and it really could be the case. According to a report by The Information, Instagram wants to concentrate on “commerce efforts that are more directly tied to ad revenue.” What a surprise.

[via Engadget]

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