What makes a good platformer? Christ, I don’t know. Why would you open an article with that. Calling Kandria a platformer feels a little reductive, so there’s a need to clarify why it works. You play as an android revived several decades after an apocalypse, by a tiny camp of survivors who inevitably need your help. A lot of this help involves, well, platforming. To the point of having nonsensical areas of pure platforming in between you and a destination or secret area. You’ll climb, jump, do the little dash thing that recharges when you touch the ground or pick up a hovering lamp thingy. You’ll land on a lot of thorny instakill spikes.

So yeh, lots of the old platforming, but it feels more like an exploration and scavenging game, with a side order of light-light-heavy-dodge combat too. And a plot with varied dialogue options and mysteries about the world and its history. It’s immediately and consistently fun, but I’m not sure exactly how to recommend it. Hmm.

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