Welcome to Kentucky Route Zero, a Netflix-exclusive game that promises a thrill of adventure, existentialism, and bizarre experiences. It’s a narrative-driven story game that is relatively short (five acts) and explores themes of debt, loneliness, and tragedy. Netflix brings a lot of chilling games to your favorite Android phone or tablet that are truly unique to any game you’ll find on the Google Play Store. So if you’re looking for a game that breaks the mold, look no further, which is why we’ve compiled a guide that’ll examine the gameplay while providing the best tips and tricks to get you started on your epic adventure.


How to play Kentucky Route Zero on Netflix Games

Kentucky Route Zero is classified as a single-player point-and-click adventure game, and it’s now available through Netflix Games. This means we can finally play the renowned adventure on our Android devices with controls that are entirely touch-based. Seeing that the Netflix version is the only version that offers touch controls, let’s explore how to play this specific edition.

Your character mainly moves on a horizontal plane, and you touch the location to place the cursor where you want your character to move. It’s that easy.


Interactable objects are displayed on the screen, and you can tap on them to view or use, which is how you solve the game’s puzzles to advance. New items may pop back up at old spots, so it’s a good idea to backtrack after learning a new piece of information or receiving a set of instructions from another character. Exploration is key, as well as interaction.

Overall, you follow a linear storyline that is split into several scenes and acts. There are five acts in total that should last most players eight and a half hours minimum for a single playthrough. And since you won’t uncover everything in one go, multiple playthroughs are definitely encouraged.

How choices impact your playthrough

Fortunately, choices don’t impact the overall ending; all choices are subjective to the story being told. The best analogy is that a script unfolds the story, but as an actor and director, you determine the possibilities that can be played out from the script, much like a choose-your-own-adventure book.

For example, in Act I, your dialogue choice determines your dog’s name for the rest of the game.

But how you interact with the characters may unlock different paths through the story. It’s up to you to piece everything together.

Reading dialogue offers plenty of clues

This is a very dialogue, text-heavy game. The characters you meet might ramble on about their possessions or tell you about places to visit. But make sure to pay attention and exhaust all the dialogue options provided to ensure you won’t miss out on any extra scenes or critical info.

Kentucky Route Zero is interpersonal as much as intrapersonal, where the characters you meet and gain control of will offer connecting storylines. So pay attention to every name you see; you may see them pop back up in a later act.

Consulting your in-game book for directions

When playing as Conway, you’ll drive around in his truck from place to place by moving around the main highway or driving around the streets. To avoid wandering aimlessly, you can open your field notes to view the written directions; street names briefly pop up as you drive, so you may need to slow down while driving — just like in real life!

Saving your progress

Be careful with how you quit the app or leave your app idling in the background for too long. Auto-saving only occurs when there’s a scene or act change. Otherwise, once you have control over your character, you can tap “quit” to leave the app. But we recommend finishing all dialogue sequences immediately present before leaving the app; this way, you won’t lose your progress!


Kentucky Route Zero is a thrilling tale on Netlfix Games

The lack of puzzles and action-oriented gameplay may discourage some people from trying Kentucky Route Zero on Android. It’s better consumed as a short, interactive novel while you have a few hours on your hands (it should take you at most 10-12 hours to complete), which is perfect for mobile play. But the artistic choices, the deep dialogue sequences, and the introspective story make Kentucky Route Zero easily worth a playthrough on their own — there’s just no other game like it. So any Netflix subscribers interested in trying out one of the best adventure games on Android, we’ve added a widget that leads to the download below, or if you prefer, you can also navigate Netflix Games through your Netflix app.

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