Hello everyone,


A few years ago, I got some support on this board for my Kickstarter for “No Filter” so I wanted to let you all know about a new project I am fundraising for: a quartet record with jazz legend Kenny Barron, Joe Martin and Johnathan Blake.


This new album is a mix of compositions of mine and standards. There are some duets between Kenny Barron and I, and some quartet tracks. The album was recorded to multitrack tape by Ryan Streber at Oktaven Audio, and mixed at Brooklyn Recording by Pete Rende on a custom all tube 1/2 inch Ampex 351 tape machine. Bernie Grundman will do the mastering and cut the record, all analog. I recorded to tape and this is primarily an analog project. However, I also listen to digital all the time, as most people do, and I am making sure the digital end of things will sound great as well. All downloads will be 192/24. I am planning to ask Bernie Grundman to use the JCF Latte converter for the A to D, as I’ve used that converter twice before and really like the sound of it. 


The Kickstarter page is here. It has many rewards: vinyl itself, test pressings, R2R tapes, as well as high resolution downloads and CDs. I am happy to send anyone who asks two songs from the mixes, at 192/24, so you can check out the music and the sound. Just let me know. 


I really went all out to make this record sound great. I am very pleased with the results, musically as well as sonically, and I hope you will consider supporting this project.


I hope it’s OK to post this. I am happy to answer any and all questions. Thank you for your support!


Jerome Sabbagh

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