One of the CDL Home Pages is a hand crafted web
page. Meaning I haven’t a clue how to use WordPress so I wrote all the HTML, CSS and
Javascript by hand. I did learn a few new tricks such as Responsive Web Design. I’m hoping
this will help with the page ranking (we’re practically invisible). It’s going to be a while
before I try to update my other web sites. I spent a lot of time learning how to use
Chrome’s Dev Tools. Learned various methods of making pages responsive and learn a thousand
different ways not to make a light bulb. The iterative process is not fun! Problem is I need
to be the jack of many trades but expert of few. So I don’t really fully understand the
material before I need to jump to the next thing. I’d design a page 90% of the way and
something would brake. A lot of time time the design work involved tables which don’t seem
to like being responsive. They always seemed to runoff the right of the page. The new flex
stuff looks interesting but whenever I added the code that worked by itself to an existing
page it stopped working. Something is not right there, I’m missing some detail. Anyway we
can now use CDL’s page on a variety of devices
from full desktop browsers to watches (though I bet the text is still tiny). Now that I’ve
done this, there’s no one to brag to. So I just have to be happy in the knowledge that I
made that page. Not a lot of satisfaction there. 😉

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