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Hi everybody, I just really want to ask a question have what I think it’s quite a nice system and I now think that the area I need to improve is my streaming. I currently stream Apple Music and ALAC files from a Mac mini with an SSD and a upgraded power supply and Wi-Fi et cetera all turned off. I run it USB into a singxer USB to  coaxial converter su1 and then into an RME adi2 fs dac it sounds great, but I just feel I can get better from my streaming I tried a wiim mini that sounded fine. However it wouldn’t easily see the files are stored on my Mac without spending thousands is there anything else I should look at? I have used volumio a raspberry pie with an allo digital output board. However, again it wasn’t brilliant I’ve looked at running things like a blue sound node etc 

So any ideas of a sensibly priced streamer transport would be great


This reads like you require a better presentation/user interface experience from your streaming rather than you being unhappy with the sound quality – is that correct?


BTW, what (a NAS and/or another computer and/or software and/or similar, perhaps?) exactly would you use those thousands to spend on, to get the Wiim Mini to “easily see” the files stored on your Mac?

Presumably, the Wiim Mini’s native support for UPnP/DLNA media servers, eg, (either the free version or a few quid for the paid version of) MinimServer, Asset UPnP, etc, running on the Mac to provide the Wiim Mini with the files over the network, is for some reason not good enough.

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