Super quick, very good card battler Marvel Snap rolls out a new location every week, then boosts it with a 40% likelihood to appear for 48 hours. New, temporarily common locations are a clever way of mixing things up, imposing restraints or possibilities depending on how much you tinker with your decks.

The latest location, Vormir, is a bit borked. I just spent a minute or so swapping emotes with someone while the game tried to load our (unrelated) animations, which might not sound like much but constitutes a good third of a match’s normal running time.

I’m not the only one running into lag problems. Reddit is rife with people reporting issues, and it seems everyone at Kotaku is having trouble too.

I’ve got no problems with the location itself. If my deck doesn’t cough up cards I’ve specifically included so they’ll get munched there, it presents an interesting decision over whether to throw an early low cost card into its jaws or regret not doing that later.

I do hope developers Second Dinner don’t run out of steam with good new location ideas. Earlier today, in a blessedly Vormir-free match, I screwed someone over by constantly playing Moon Knight in a cloning facility, knowing that my deck was built to benefit from the way he discards a card from both player’s hands while my opponent would be left with next to nothing. It’s a good example of how locations combine with brevity to allow for shenanigans that would suck to play against too much of the time in other games, but work great as special treats. That said, the location that fills your deck with rocks is awful and I hate it.

You can download Marvel Snap for free on Steam, though you might have a better time if you wait until Friday, when Vormir stops being the featured location.

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