In the past I have bought several headphones that were supposed to be good sounding, and they were. However, they were not very well constructed, I had several that broke at the hinge area despite careful handling. I wanted a well made headphone that sounded good. The Master and dynamic MH 40 appeared to fit the bill. It appeared ruggedly built and people praised the sound. I bought a pair.

The headphones have stood up well at the hinge area, but the ear pieces have fallen apart. I have gone through several. They are garbage. They are expensive and fall apart in short order. They appear to be made with glue that even a kindergartner would not use to assemble a project.

I could not find replacements listed. I contacted Master and Dynamics about replacements. They informed me that they are no longer available and that I should try and find third party replacements.

The Master and Dynamic MH 40 wired is still being sold on Amazon.

I would strongly suggest that you think twice before having dealings with Master and Dynamic.

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