In the years since I began spending time associated with this forum, I have always been impressed by the overall sense of perspective, intelligent commentary, willingness to assist and share knowledge and community that is routinely in display here. It is seldom that my knowledge and understanding is not enhanced by things freely offered up here, whether it is a new album of particular note that I was not aware of, a recommendation for a piece of equipment or a other music related elements. There are far too many people to thank who have contributed selflessly to enhance my enjoyment of music, one of the very greatest gifts available to us as we make our way through life. But you know who you are, and, I hope, understand my degree of appreciation. 


I wanted to take this moment to wish everyone the merriest of Christmas holidays. And may the new year bring us even more musical riches to help carry us through the year ahead, despite what may come.


Lastly, a special thank you to Chris, for continuing to make this all possible. Thank you to all, and to all a good night!



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