The Motorola MA1 is finally under $70


Motorola MA1

If you’ve been craving the convenience of wireless Android Auto in your car, then the Motorola MA1 is an excellent purchase. Now that the dongle is finally getting its first good discount — $30 off, down to $70 — it’s a no-brainer to purchase it.

The incredibly popular Motorola MA1 has been around for a while, but it hasn’t received any massive discounts until now. Down from $100, you can buy the Motorola MA1 Android Auto wireless car adapter for a mere $70. That’s $30 in your pocket that you can use for whatever else you’d like. Oh, and you actually get an MA1 in your hands, too, which is saying something.

During testing, we found the Motorola MA1 to be a reliable helper in the car, effortlessly pairing with the phones we tested it with. We found no latency when streaming content from the phone to the car’s display, which is to be expected given it can run on a 5GHz Wi-Fi connection. Hiccups did happen, but we’ve chalked those up to regular Android Auto issues that happen even when your phone is connected to the car via cable.


The Motorola MA1 is all about the convenience of never having to plug your phone into the car again. Leave it in your pocket or your bag and go about your way. It’s one less step to take when driving, which can be essential, especially when you’re in a hurry. Plus, your car will be tidier as you can simply stash the dongle wherever the USB ports are located. The only downside we could find is that your phone burns through the battery a lot quicker. But that shouldn’t stop you from saying goodbye to the annoying cables inconveniencing you when you’re using the gearshift.

The Motorola MA1 spent most of the past year-plus as a hot commodity with retailers constantly running out of stock. And that’s at its full price of $100. It’s terrific, then, that we found the Motorola MA1 available for a discounted price of $70 on Best Buy and Amazon. Purchasing the Motorola Android Auto dongle from Best Buy has the extra benefit of a 3-month trial for Google One with 100GB of storage space at your disposal.

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