We recently shared this video on our Instagram, but I thought it was also worth sharing here because I have never seen anything like it before. It is a strobe that you can mount on your back and tell where to point by using a small knob next to your shutter finger.

We talked to Vaho Mat of Camera Rigging Mods about this build, and he shared that while this is a 100% functional, working device, it does not come cheap. Nonetheless, you can get the full part list after the jump.

Mat used a Tilta Float Harness to mount the entire contraption to his back. Now that he was mobile, he could build on the harness. The first thing was to modify the harness to make it easier to handle and be able to carry more weight without killing your back. The video below shows the modification.



The rest of the build is kinda vague, but I can assure you that lots of hacking and modifications were involved. If you dare to try this yourself, here is the part list:

Lastly, there has to be a light involved

To conclude, Vaho Matt shares that:

Like I said if you want to make this like I did, be ready to pay a lot of money“. I have to agree. While I did not run an orderly tally, the harness, follow focus, and AD400 will set you back at least $2,700. A future back surgery, probably another $20,000. That said, you would save on an assistant…

A second, similar unit uses a DJI Ronin RS3, which is probably easier to get your hands on. Prepare to use every single counterbalance weight you have in your box. Even with the RS3, the cost of the build is just insane.

To conclude, another option would put less strain on your back. This is to control the strobe mounted on a light stand instead of a harness.

How would you use this? Please share in the comments below.

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