On 12/19/2022 at 5:12 PM, DuckToller said:

How about the SMSL D-6 or SMSL SU-6. USB C for the dongle and digital for the TV. 169 Euro chez Amazon.
Remote control, Display. RCA and balanced output (D-6 only)
I have one on order, so right now I can’t report.


Good suggestion but to me the plainest the better, I have a Caiman SEG DAC which with it’s LEDs just showing power and input bothers me, the less the better and, if possible, also built in power adapter as to minimise cables.

@eiffelthose are good suggestions, grazie, so far it seems cases are available for the Pi4, have to find out which Pi3 version I have then figure which board could do it, I wanna simply either stream from the Pi to the preamp straight away or from a MacMini to the Pi/DAC and then to preamp



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