7 Pro Photographers Edit the Same Raw Photo: See the Transformations!

Have you ever come back from a day out photographing, downloaded your images excitedly, but then been absolutely stumped about which way to take your post-processing? If you don’t have a preconceived notion at the time of taking the image, or the images are simply a little flat and lifeless, then it can be a common problem.

In this excellent video, Christian Möhrle reached out to 7 different professional photographers and asked them to each edit his landscape photograph in their own distinct style. Some were definitely more distinct than others!

If I’m being totally honest, I don’t think the starting image was a very inspiring one to be given to edit. The mountains in the background are out of focus and are overexposed. Still, it was interesting to see what each photographer did with it.

Some went for a cooler look with more desaturated tones, while others amped up the warmth of the image, going towards a traditional golden hour feel.

Several of them amped up the blue skies, giving the feel of a polarising filter. Just one went a bit off-piste, in my opinion, swapping the blue skies for moody black clouds and a rather unusual thick smoke (fog?) effect in front of the mountains. Probably not an editing look I’d gravitate towards myself!

My absolute favorite, however, has to be Gavin Hardcastle‘s efforts. You might be tempted to think that his image is classic trolling, but I do feel like it was done with all the best intentions!


All in all, this was a light-hearted look at a useful idea. It just goes to show that two photographers can edit the same image and come up with something completely unique.

Which was your favorite?

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