Happy new year everyone!!!

Just had an interesting conversation with a few audiophile buddies re: 1) how much we have spent in our audio systems and 2) % of total cost by major categories in your system 


1) was not as interesting as it is almost painful to look back

2) was more interesting as depending on one’s opinion/direction, can vary significantly


I actually went back to tally up my total spending and come up with the following % 

Room acoustics – 19.5%
cabling – power cords, interconnects…… – 2.5%
Power related – dedicated line, power conditioning/surge protector …… 9.5%
Speakers and subs – 40%
Gear – DAC, preamp, power amp – 25%
Tweaks – tubes, USB isolation …… – 3.5%


Interesting to note that 
1) my % on room acoustics were quite a bit higher than my peers but I have a pretty long and narrow room to treat.
2) my % on cabling were the lowest among my peers at 2.5%
3) my % on tweaks were the lowest among my peers at 3.5%


Feel free to share the rough composition of your system!!!




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