The Sony a7 series of cameras really accelerated the photography world’s transition into the mirrorless realm, and the company continues to offer highly competitive options that keep other manufacturers on their toes. Are they right for you? This interesting video features one photographer discussing his thoughts after a year using the Sony system. 

Coming to you from James Popsys, this great video discusses his thoughts after using Sony camera gear for a year. Now almost a decade after the original a7 announcement, the Sony mirrorless system has become quite filled out and sophisticated, offering a wide range of impressive options. Personally, the greatest benefit of the system actually has the least to do with Sony itself: the vast library of third-party lenses. We are at a point where most cameras can keep up with the needs of the majority of photographers perfectly well, and I think that has put a lot of focus back on lenses in the last few years. There is arguably no lens mount with a greater variety (including Sony’s own) of lenses than the E mount, particularly from popular manufacturers like Sigma and Tamron. And that means you can find just about any combination of price and performance. It’s refreshing, particularly given the stance of one of Sony’s main competitors, Canon. Check out the video above for Popsys’ full thoughts. 

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