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Thieves broke into the studio of the popular YouTube channel this week and stole over $100,000 of camera and cinema equipment. According to the video posted to their channel, the thieves forced entry and ransacked the locked studio. They took almost everything.

Security camera footage shows the three men sorting through the gear. It almost looks as though they knew exactly what they were looking for. They stole laptops, a brand-new computer, and all the cameras, lenses and batteries.

The cameras that were stolen include the extremely high-value Red Gemini, as well as a Sony A7R III. As creative director Jordy Vandeput says, they are now “a video production company without any cameras.”

Obviously, all the equipment was insured, however, as Vandeput says, you only know how good your insurers are when you need to make a claim. They are currently in limbo, waiting for a response to see where they are at. As it stands, Vandeput had to film the video with his iPhone.

The studio itself is based in Belgium. The Red Gemini is an extremely specialised piece of equipment and will not be easily sold on the second-hand or black market. Anyone buying second-hand gear in Belgium, France, the Netherlands, and indeed anywhere else in Europe should keep an eye out for anything that looks suspicious.

These days with police stretched thin, it is highly unlikely that these thieves will be caught. However, it looks like a well-planned and targeted attack. Hopefully, at least some of the stolen gear can be recovered and returned. In instances like this, there isn’t much that could have been done. The equipment was kept in a secure locked studio, and it was insured. It’s just down to sheer bad luck.

There have been a spate of thefts recently that have targeted photographers and camera stores. Let’s hope it’s not a growing trend.

The serial numbers are as follows. If anyone does happen to spot any of the equipment, please do get in touch with the guys at

  • Serial number RED Gemini: #015250
  • Serial number Sony A7R III: 3795263
  • Serial number Sony GM 11-16mm: 1863018


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