Hi Guys, this topic recently came up when discussing streaming services and the data that’s collected by the services. Some people don’t care at all, others care deeply. I think it may be interesting to have a discussion about this, as it relates to audio. 


What spurred me to post this thread, is this article about a lady getting kicked out of a Rockettes show becuase her law firm is in litigation with Madison Square Garden. Facial recognition was used as she entered the venue, and she wa escorted out. She doesn’t work on any case related to the MSG case, but her firm does. I’m pretty sure MSG uses a third party to run its facial scans and that third party collects information from as many sources as possible. 


I wonder how many people are OK with giving up information, knowing or not, that it will eventually be used against you. Do you listen to an album from someone that has been “canceled” or with an outspoken political agenda? Could you be impacted by this in the future? Who knows.


I hate the fact that any service or hardware manufacturer collects information about me or what I do. One needs to think like a criminal, in order to imagine how it will be used in the future. 


I use a Pi-Hole for DNS for all my iot devices. My Samsung TV phones home several times per second, but this goes nowhere because of Pi-Hole. 



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