Panasonic is getting ready to announce a new S5 Mark II L mount mirrorless camera. Building on the popularity of the original S5, the new camera might actually come with a whole new autofocus system. Panasonic recently introduced Phase Detect autofocus for the first time in their AW-UE160W/K PTZ camera. The big hope right now is that we’ll start to see PDAF also coming to Panasonic’s L mount range.

Not only is there supposed to be a new Panasonic S5 Mark II, but it’s also being reported that we’ll see an S5 Mark II X, too. Exactly what the differences will be between the two models is unknown, as no specs for either have really leaked yet, but what has leaked is a photo of what is reported to be the upcoming S5 Mark II.

According to Digicame-Info, we can expect two new cameras and a new lens to come in the first half of 2023, beginning with the S5 Mark II in February. Then, we’ll see a new 14-28mm f/4-5.6 Macro lens the following month, in March. In late June, though, we should expect an S5 Mark II X announcement.

Whether or not the S5 Mark II will contain a phase-detect autofocus system is unknown, but many of us Panasonic shooters – particularly ones who shoot video – will be hoping so. Panasonic’s DPD autofocus is great for stills but it makes their autofocus system pretty useless for video.

Exactly when we may hear an announcement from Panasonic about a new camera is also unclear, but if the S5 Mark II is to be released in February as the rumours suggest, we won’t have to wait more than a couple of months.


[via Digicame-Info / L-Rumors]

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