It was our 2022 pick for the best Google Assistant smart display


Google Nest Hub 2nd Generation

As far as Google Assistant smart displays go, it doesn’t get much better than the Nest Hub. It has a nice clear display, gives you access to the full complement of Assistant features, and it can be controlled via both voice commands and motion gestures.

Out of all the smart home devices available today, few of them can make as immediate and obvious impact on your day-to-day life as a smart display. Put one in the kitchen, and you have a cooking companion that can serve up recipes and step-by-step cooking videos. Put one in your office, and you have a personal assistant that can take down notes, add items to your grocery list, check your calendar, or even play your favorite music or podcasts. The Google Nest Hub (2nd gen) is one of our favorite Google Assistant smart displays right now, and today you can grab one for just $60.


Why you should buy the Google Nest Hub

In our review, we noted that we really liked the Nest Hub’s 7-inch display. It isn’t the highest resolution, but it’s bright enough to use anywhere in your house while also capable of dimming at night to prevent interrupting your sleep. And as odd as it sounds, the Hub actually makes a great bedroom companion. There’s no built-in camera, so no need to worry about your privacy. Plus, it can play white noise to help you fall asleep, alarms to wake you up, and it can even track how well you slept, on par with most fitness bands — though this will eventually be a paid feature. And since it tracks motion gestures, you can actually snooze the alarm by simply waving your hand.

Outside these features, the Nest Hub also checks off most of the other boxes you’d want in a smart display. It can control all the compatible smart devices in your home, display useful information like the current weather, serve as an entertainment hub with access to your favorite streaming services, and of course respond to and execute all of your favorite Google Assistant voice commands. We liked the Hub at its full retail price, and we absolutely love it with today’s discount. Grab one (or several) of these while you can.

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