Samsung Display has confirmed it will be showing a newly developed 77-inch variant of its QD-OLED panel technology at CES 2023. Whether Samsung Electronics will follow suit with an announcement about a 77-inch QD-OLED TV remains to be seen for now, but I expect to know more within in the early days of the show.

It was at CES 2022 that we got our first glimpse of Samsung Display’s QD-OLED panel technology. At the time, it struck me as mightily impressive — the best picture quality I’d ever seen.

Since that time, QD-OLED panels have been released as consumer products via Samsung Electronics’ S95B TV, the Sony A95K TV, and two Dell Alienware monitors. Each of those products was hailed as best-in-class, both by Digital Trends’ reviewers and those across the media landscape. With perfect black levels and higher color brightness than LG’s WOLED technology, QD-OLED screens are indeed a treat for the eyes.

Still, among consumers, complaints about limited screen-size options became a common refrain. Many TV enthusiasts claim to have held off on investing in the new TV type until it was available in a larger size. Now, it appears a 77-inch QD-OLED TV may be on the way. But that’s not a foregone conclusion.

Samsung's new 77-inch QD-OLED TV with vibrant picture on screen

While Samsung Display assured me at CES 2022 that its new QD-OLED panel would appear in a consumer TV that year, they could not guarantee that TV would be made by Samsung Electronics. Granted, a few weeks later, the formal announcement of the S95B TV’s existence was made, but my understanding is that there was some internal discussion over if/when that TV might be brought to market.

Of course, if Samsung Electronics hadn’t made a TV out of it, Sony would have. And that is likely the case here with the new 77-inch size option.

[5:57 PM] Caleb Denison

In the same press release, Samsung Display also mentioned a 49-inch Ultrawide QD-OLED panel that’s clearly destined to be a computer monitor, and one likely made by Dell’s Alienware division. Other product mentions include a new flexible hybrid QD-OLED display, a slideable display, and a digital cockpit made of QD-OLED panels. We’ll be sure to bring you up close to all of these products as we continue our CES 2023 coverage.

It may be hours, days, or weeks until we have a firm confirmation, but all signs point to a 77-inch QD-OLED TV hitting the market in 2023.

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