While Google Chrome is the web browser of choice on Pixel phones, Samsung has its own browsing solution for its devices, known as Samsung Internet. The manufacturer recently detailed version 21.0 of the app in beta, introducing some visual changes, particularly for Galaxy tablets. Just weeks after the release of these new features in the beta version of the app, Samsung is now rolling the update out to all users as part of Samsung Internet version on the stable channel.


The stable release was first spotted by the folks at SamMobile, with the updated app currently available on the Galaxy Store, while it should inevitably be available from the Google Play Store as well. There are only a couple of additions here, with the changelog mentioning the ability to move the bookmarks and tab bars to the bottom of the screen on all devices and position the address bar at the bottom on tablets. As the site points out, it’s still not possible to independently control the placement of the tab and bookmark bars, so they go where the address bar goes.

Samsung Internet Tablet Layout

Interestingly, Galaxy tablet users will be able to relocate the browser’s address bar to the bottom of the screen for the first time with today’s browser update. This functionality has existed on Galaxy smartphones since Samsung Internet version 16.0.2, however. So the company is finally bringing some parity between its smartphone and tablet lineups.

Rounding off the list of changes, although it isn’t mentioned in the new Samsung Internet changelog, is a change to how users are warned when they’re about to exhaust the predefined quota of 99 open tabs. Users will notice warnings early, for instance, when they open the 98th tab 99th tabs, thus giving you enough time to close other tabs to make some additional room for new ones. When you go over the limit, the oldest tab is automatically closed, but there’s now a reopen button that lets you recall it.

Samsung Internet Open Tabs Warning

If you can’t find Samsung Internet v21.0.0.21 on the Galaxy Store or the Play Store link below, you can sideload the latest version through APKMirror.

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